Amazon Goes Indie


Did you know that Amazon recently posted its "100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time"? Did you know that Guided by Voices' excellent Bee Thousand is No. 1? And that somehow Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti made the list?

We love these sorta things around here. It makes the day go much faster when we're arguing over which albums are better than others. Up for discussion: Is Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted really better than Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain? I know Slanted always gets top honors in these sorta things, but really, Rain is a better record. Seriously. Go listen to it again.

Of course, Amazon's whole purpose with the list is to drum up some MP3 sales. Whatever. If it's getting people to listen to Neutral Milk Hotel (No. 2) or Galaxie 500 (No. 44), we're all for it. —Michael Gallucci

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