With Rise Against, Against Me, None More Black, and Much the Same. Thursday, January 15, at the Agora Theatre.

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The last decade of Anti-Flag's existence has been a constant crusade for truth in politics, solidarity in punk, and intellectual enlightenment aimed at inspiring people to think about the world around them.

On the Pittsburgh band's latest disc, The Terror State, punchy choruses, speedballing tempos, and greased-up riffs serve as the sonic counterpart to biting lyrics that read like a pocket-sized Liberalism for Dummies. They implore listeners to see through the positive spin-doctoring of war ("It's up to you to see through lies by those who've led us to endless world strife") and Dubya's political vacillations ("Turncoat! Killer! Liar! Thief!"), and call for an end to fighting ("There's voices calling in the wind, and they sing, 'Power to the peaceful'").

"Anti-Flag definitely runs our band as a 'glass is half-full' band," says lead vocalist/bassist #2. "If one kid out of a thousand takes something from every show, it was a benefit for Anti-Flag to be in that city. So we just have to take it one day at a time, and you have to take baby steps. I know the movement's growing every day -- every day that on television George Bush lies to the people, people get angry and are coming out to these shows. We're glad to be a part of the swelling movement that is humanity." The humanity swells at the Agora Thursday.

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