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It looks like 2010 will bring a new Ringworm album — if the band survives its first gig of the year. On Saturday, January 9, the metal-infected hardcore veterans visit Baltimore to play a brutal mini-fest entitled the Show That Ends the World.

Baltimore is home to A-389 Records, the vinyl-oriented label that just reissued Ringworm's debut, 1993's The Promise. It also put out the new seven-inch from Gluttons, Ringworm singer James "Human Furnace" Bulloch's side project. The Promise reissue features original artwork, multicolored vinyl and a booklet packed with old photos and flyers. The package also includes the band's 1991 demo on seven-inch vinyl.

"The new record is shaping up great," says Bulloch "Right now, we are up to about 17 songs. Every album has a life of its own. So we aren't sure what it's going to be called yet."

Bulloch says the new album — the band's fifth — will be their last for indie-punk stronghold Victory Records. When Ringworm play their next Cleveland show on March 20 at Peabody's, they plan to play The Promise in its entirety. After that, they'll start recording.

Integrity, another band with Cleveland roots, will headline the Show That Ends the World. The often-delayed new Integrity LP should arrive this year. Jake Bannon, CEO of Integrity's label Deathwish, says the music is done, but the album won't have a release date until frontman Dwid turns in the final artwork.

"He has a lot going on in his life, and that kind of caught up with him," says Bannon. "So it took him a while to deliver the record that he wanted to deliver. It's a great album. Integrity now, as far as a lineup goes, is made up of guys who — along with Dwid — are Integrity purists."

Shredder Michael Kolar has three new instrumental tracks posted on YouTube. Search for "Zoom Reborn," "Fallen Hero" and "She Wears the Sign."

Harry Bacharach has a new DVD ready go, though no release date has been set. Shot with five cameras, Live From Cain Park features the jazzy singer/pianist, who specializes in pop standards, leading an eight-piece band.

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