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Bound by Fate

Meet the Band: Phil Sonner (guitarist), Marius Fakadej (bassist), Dan Cameron (vocals), Tim Seal II (drums)

Back to Basics: Originating in Cleveland, Bound by Fate plays traditional heavy metal with a twist. "We kind of take the metal down to the basics," says Sonner. "We have a whole lot of mile-a-minute riff lines and all the flash and the flare. It's just down to the nitty-gritty. The hard heavy beat, the brutal sounds."

The Best Migraine You'll Ever Have: Being a fan-oriented band, Bound by Fate prides itself in giving its audience exactly what it expects, even if that includes getting a migraine from being subject to screeching vocals and incredibly loud guitars. "We had a couple fans post on our page saying, 'Great show! It was awesome — I still had a headache the next morning,'" says Sonner.

Why You Should Hear Them: On their debut, Aftermath, the band creates music that draws from stereotypical heavy metal while establishing its own unique sound. From the static pitch of the speed metal electric guitars to the grunge vocals that evoke Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder on "Power Plant," the band crosses genres and establishes a distinct musical identity.

Where You Can Hear Them:

Where You Can See Them: Bound by Fate performs with Something Involving a Monkey, Ashes to Dust, Padded Room, PM Vein, Scarwork and Rogue at 7 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 5 at Peabody's. — Allison Barwacz

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