Big Daddy Kane

Lyricist Lounge Club Series, featuring Big Daddy Kane, with Killah Priest. Sunday, March 9, at the Agora Theatre.

City of God (Cidade de Deus)
Big Daddy Kane
Big Daddy Kane
Accepting the Grammy for Best Rap Album recently, Eminem skipped the customary shout-outs to his peeps, instead sending respect to some all-time great MCs, including one Big Daddy Kane. His nuanced performance on the new album from avant-garde hip-hoppers Jurassic 5 is further proof of how the Smooth Operator still commands the respect of rap's hottest stars, among countless others.

Mixing positive social messages with raw yet poetic sexual bravado, the suave Kane rose to prominence in the late '80s, sporting a high-class wardrobe and a high-top fade. The gear has undergone constant updates, and the hair has since grown into long braids. Contrary to rumors that surfaced during Kane's time away from the public eye in the mid-'90s, the MC remains healthy, happy, and prosperous. Now working on a new album with A-list producers such as DJ Premier, Bink, and Admir, Big Daddy is banging out new material in killer live sets. Still never half-steppin', BDK2K3 stands as a worthy contemporary of Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Nas. "When Kane gives a show, he gives a show," pronounces Kane's camp. "He crushes you with the oldies-but-goodies, then he hits you with the new stuff, because he never lost it. Kane's gonna give you the rawness." Meaning that Big Daddy still gets the job done.

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