Britney Spears Doesn't Like the Sticky-Icky

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The formerly batshit crazy Britney Spears stopped her concert in Vancouver last night for more than a half-hour after she smelled marijuana in the audience.

Spears and her dancers left the stage after about halfway through their set. And they stayed away for 30-plus minutes, with no explanation. Finally, someone blurted over the loudspeaker that smoking — cigarettes or marijuana — is illegal. "The show will resume as soon as the air around the stage is clear," said the phantom voice.

After her final song, Spears went through the obligatory goodbyes and added, "Drive safe. Don’t smoke weed. Rock out with your cocks out.” You can see all of that in the above video.

Weird, huh? Who woulda thought that a woman who shaved her head, almost dropped her kid, flashed her vagina and committed career suicide a half-dozen times over the past five years would oppose a little weed? Then again, what the hell is Britney Spears' audience doing smoking pot? Did they get lost on their way to a My Morning Jacket gig or something? —Michael Gallucci

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