Bullet for My Valentine

With Walls of Jericho, Roses are Red, and Fight Paris. Thursday, May 18, at the House of Blues.

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Bullet for My Valentine
What too many decibel-destroying bands from nü metal, metalcore, and similar genres have forgotten is that metal doesn't live by the sound and fury alone. A little melody with the mayhem goes a long way toward raising a band above the thrash-and-bash heap.

The Welsh group Bullet for My Valentine understands this concept and neatly walks the tightrope between nü and classic metal on its American debut, The Poison. The band can thrash and scream with the best of them -- just check out tracks like "Her Voice Resides" or "4 Words (to Choke On)." But especially on songs like "Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)" and "Hit the Floor," the band's old-school influences shine brightly, as guitarists Matt Tuck and Michael "Padge" Padget churn out melodic riffs and unleash some fast-fingered solos, along with some truly melodic vocals from Tuck. This band may not be playing club venues for long.

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