CD Review: Cloud Nothings

Attack on Memory (Carpark)

It's never too early for a midlife crisis. Just ask 20-year-old Cloud Nothings frontman Dylan Baldi, whose songs are filled with disaffection and distress. On last year's self-titled debut, he searched for his musical voice at the very same time he was winding down his teens. He's not all that much happier on Attack on Memory, which can be turbulently schizophrenic at times. "Wasted Days" even crams three songs into nine delirious minutes, shifting from pop-punk declamation to a hallucinatory late-night guitar wig-out to warp-speed conflagration without missing a step. Attack on Memory is as much the sound of a plot being lost and hearts being broken as it is of a young artist punching his way out of the stylistic corners he refuses to paint himself into.

Raymond Cummings

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