CD Review: Sun Kill Moon

Admiral Fell Promises (Caldo Verde)

Mark Kozelek is straight out of a Nick Hornby book. The Sun Kil Moon frontman (who used to lead the equally enigmatic Red House Painters) inspires deeply personal connections with his listeners. Here, he muses wearily about his travels and daily life, all set to one of the loneliest tones in indieville. Through it all, he accompanies himself solely on nylon-string guitar, a symbolic fit for his music: beautifully ornate craftwork for people who take comfort in solace and reflection. The notes come quickly, embellished with finger-picked flourishes and the subtle sound of Kozelek's digits sliding up and down the strings. In the title track, he sings to a butterfly, "Let me lock you in my room and keep you for a while." Anywhere else, the line would be creepy and even a bit dangerous. Here, like most of Admiral Fell Promises, it takes on the weight of Kozelek's world. — Sills

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