CD Review: Thunderheist

Thunderheist (Big Dada)

You'd never guess Thunderheist are from Canada. For one thing, there are only two of them — at least a dozen members short of Broken Social Scene's and Arcade Fire's numbers. Plus, they make Detroit-style techno for dance floors, not clever indie-pop for nodding hipsters. But that doesn't mean the songs on their self-titled debut album are distinctive or even all that interesting, especially since Grahm Zilla and Isis dispense the two best songs — "Sweet 16" and "Jerk It" — right off the bat. Part of the problem is Zilla's beats; they're stuck on repeat. The other problem is Isis, who comes off more machine than singer. Thunderheist is designed for sparkly club kids who find commands like "Dust it off and jerk it" an amusing throwback to better, and more coked-up, days. — Gallucci

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