CD Review: Way of Life

Way of Life


Now that bro-rockers like Nickelback and Creed have fallen out of favor with an industry that would rather give its top Grammys to bands like Arcade Fire, only groups that are super-passionate about generic-sounding hard rock want to play that type of music anymore. Like Cleveland's Way of Life, who aren't bad by any means. In fact, they sound like an overly earnest cross between 3 Doors Down and Stone Temple Pilots, with a surprising amount of psychedelic guitar soloing (which is probably more a reflection of their rather rough songwriting skills than anything intentional). But on their five-song debut EP, the three singers and songwriters provide more color than you'd hear from more polished and popular bands. Plus, they have an out-of-nowhere secret weapon: a drummer who keeps things moving. — Dan Weiss

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