Cleveland Challenge II

Ready or not -- it's this year's installment of the Soundbites rock-trivia quiz.

The Adventures of Sharkboy & Lavagirl in 3D
Scientific studies have shown that reading this column saps one's intelligence, like eating paint chips with Larry the Cable Guy. So once a year, we take it upon ourselves to sharpen minds, rather than dull them. This brings us to the second installment of our annual Cleveland music trivia extravaganza. For public-health purposes, we insist that regular Soundbites readers participate in this quiz. Otherwise, you may find yourself transfixed by shiny objects and Jimmy Fallon. Same as last year, if you need a cheat sheet, check out Deanna Adams' Rock and Roll and the Cleveland Connection. (Answers below.)

1. What notorious Cleveland rock hang was immortalized as the "greatest hotel in America" in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous?

2. What early '80s Cleveland label did Auburn Records spring from?

3. What Cleveland band was the inspiration for the film Light of Day?

4. What was the last band to play the famed Pop Shop before the building burned down in 1984?

5. Match each band with the venue where it played its final gig:
1. The Dead Boys 2. Death of Samantha 3. Spudmonsters 4. The Pagans
a) Pat's in the Flats b) Agora Theatre c) The Odeon d) The Phantasy Theater

6. The frontman for what long-running Cleveland cover band once appeared on The Jerry Springer Show?

7. What was the first band ever to play at Nautica (now Scene Pavilion)?

8. Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Jane's Addiction, and others helped pay travel expenses so that what Cleveland band could perform on Late Night With David Letterman in 1991?

9. What was the first Cleveland band ever to appear on MTV's Headbanger's Ball?

10. What artist has been featured on the cover of Cleveland's Alternative Press magazine more than any other?

11. What was the first Cleveland rock act to play China? a) Joe Walsh b) Danny Frye and the Devil Dolls c) Nine Inch Nails d) Neil Zaza

12. The frontman of what band gained notoriety in the mid-'70s for performing with a homemade silver TV set on his head?

13. What Cleveland producer has notched hits with the Backstreet Boys, Joe, and Conya Doss?

14. Some of Pere Ubu and Devo's first gigs were in a loft at what infamous record store?

15. What notorious Cleveland punk became a city hall reporter for the Niagara Falls Gazette?

16. True or False: Crowd unruliness at a September 1964 Beatles gig at Public Hall caused Mayor Ralph Locher to ban all British acts from performing at the venue.

17. What Cleveland guitarist joined the Cramps in the '80s under the name Ike Knox?

18. What early '60s group is best known for being the first band that Cars bassist/co-founder Ben Orr played in?

19. What crazed Cleveland rocker once won a Golden Gloves boxing championship at the Cleveland Arena?

20. What regional belter majored in screenwriting at the University of Southern California before changing her name and landing a deal with Epic Records in the late '90s?

Answers: 1. Swingos Celebrity Inn 2. Clubside Records 3. The Generators 4. The Manimals 5. 1-d, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b 6. Moonlight Drive 7. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes 8. Pere Ubu 9.Shok Paris 10. Trent Reznor 11. d 12. Fayreweather 13 Edwin "Tony" Nichols 14. Hideo's Discodrome 15. Mike Hudson 16. False. A show by the Rolling Stones at the venue a few weeks later led Locher to enact the ban. 17. Mike Metoff 18. The Grasshoppers 19. Screamin' Jay Hawkins 20. Macy Gray

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