Cleveland Makes MTV News — Twice in One Day!

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Signs abound that Greater Cleveland still retains at least a modicum of cool. On Friday, twice referenced Our Fare City (yeah, we spelled that right) in a bit of the punk light — first for what it called “one of the greatest subliminal pranks of all time” and then for … apparently being really gracious as the butt of everyone’s joke.

At least one graduating senior at Shaker Heights High “gets,” as they say, “it” — but the school isn’t saying who he is. He might still get pimples all over his forehead and a boner when the wind blows, but he had the wherewithal to not only be selected to create his graduating class’ yearbook cover, but he also managed to slip in a clearly visible “FUCK ALL Y’ALL” when you turn the book upside-down. School officials have offered to exchange or cover the statement, and we believe they should just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RESPECT THIS KID’S CAJONES AND CREATIVE VISION.

It was ingenious enough to inspire MTV News staffers to create a list of (in)famously subliminal messages in rock songs and this apology from the boy/man: “I cannot begin to explain the miserable feeling I brought upon myself, when I betrayed the trust of all of you. I apologize for offending anyone and everyone. It is unfortunate that I did not recognize the big responsibility and honor given to me when asked to design the cover of the Shaker Heights yearbook. I offer my sincere apologies.”

Scene offers its final grade of A to the student and to administrators, who seem to just have said, “Good one,” about the whole thing.

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