Concert Review: JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys at Tangier

Just add some Fairground Boys for a good time
  • Just add some Fairground Boys for a good time

If you're reading this while eating some kind of meat product, you mant to put it down for a second. If her new band's vibrant performance in Akron last night was any indication, Chrissie Hynde might be right about all that vegan stuff.

It's no surprise that the legendary Rubber City native (and restauranteur) was able to pack the stylish wooden confines of the Tangier as a member of JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys without using the Pretenders name.

What was amazing is how quickly and completely she's integrated herself into an all-new musical mindset, and how worthy her new partners, particularly co-leader JP Jones, proved to be of her time and talents.

It's not like she needed reawakening (the Pretenders' 2008 album Break Up the Concrete kicked ass and explored new territory); it's more that something completely new has been revealed.

The cool, detached edge that you remember has been replaced with a warm, colorful and much fuller sound.

As Hynde and reported romantic partner Jones, a man half her age, traded lines about the cruel world that set them up to fall in love together, they did so with a spirit of confidence and humor that was infectious and frankly, inspiring.

This was just an absolutely wonderful, revelatory show from a local musical treasure and her new friends from overseas. There shouldn't be a single unsold ticket for their performance at the Grog Shop tomorrow night. —Matthew Wilkening

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