Electric Six

With VHS or Beta and Sounder. Monday, May 2, at the Grog Shop.

Wedding Present Beachland Ballroom, 15711 Waterloo Road 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 3; $12; 216-383-1124
Unlike many of the nü-wave rock bands, Electric Six isn't music you can dance to -- it's music you have to dance to.

Formerly the Wildbunch, the Detroit sextet broke big in Britain with "Danger! High Voltage" in 2001, then rechristened itself E6 in 2003, re-recorded the song, and scored another hit with the new version. The ensuing album, Fire, found them playing an even more aggressive take on trashy, infectious garage-punk disco.

The band is also enjoyable if you're stuck at a desk. For a must-see time killer, visit www.electricsix.com to view the hilariously slap-dash flash-graphics video for the Bush-Blair remix of romper-stomper "Gay Bar," which features animated figures of President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair chatting back and forth.

The new disc Señor Smoke delivers more bubbly songs about hot thighs and hard shagging, full of fuzzy funk and beats that just sound sweaty. They know what you like. They know what you need. They are your dance commanders.

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