Extreme Noise Terror

With Phobia, Strong Intention, and Masakari. Friday, May 25, at the Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights.

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Napalm Death acid house
Along with their fellow countrymen in Napalm Death, England's Extreme Noise Terror are credited with the creation of grindcore sometime in the mid-'80s. Combining the low-end rumble of Discharge and Chaos U.K. with the frenzied angst of American hardcore acts like Siege and Deep Wound, E.N.T. stumbled upon a dense roar of sound that was the aural equivalent of sticking your face inside a blast furnace. The band rode a high throughout the early '90s, with rave write-ups in the U.K.'s weekly music papers and incessant championing from the late John Peel, a trend-setting DJ for the BBC. Extreme Noise Terror even collaborated with acid-house kingpins the KLF.

The band has released many albums since then, some veering off into metal. Yet they always maintain that same cataclysmic growl. It's something of a rarity for these pioneering punkers to come through town, so put on your bullet belt, grab a 40, and party like it's 1993.

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