Falconheart! hits Cleveland!

This press release hit my inbox this morning. It's so hot it literally fried my hard drive: March 12, 2006, Cleveland -- The Ultimate Energy Tour is landing at the HOB Cambridge Room on March 22nd to spread their message of Positivity through Rock and Roll to the eager masses. Falconheart! is Northeast Ohio's Premier Motivational rock band. Their sound can only be compared to that of an eagle fighting a lightning bolt inside of a volcano full of dreams. Go For It! Rick Falcon and Randy Heart met three years ago while working together at the Parma Town Mall Chick-Fil-A. It wasn't long before they realized that they shared a similar vision of life. Life is a series of colors and sounds, both negative and positive. Success in life can be achieved if we choose to focus only upon the positive colors and sounds that surround us every day and ignore the negative. They also shared a mutual distaste for working at The Chick-Fil-A under the management of their jerk boss, Terry. So they decided to form a band to get the message out about their newfound approach to life. That was thee years ago. Since then, they have released three intense studio albums that all reflect their relentless optimism and positivity: 2004's "Ride The Feeling" produced such hits as "Push It To The Limit," "Believe It To Achieve It" and "110%." 2005's "Calling All Hearts" further established their dominance as Northeast Ohio's top motivational rock band, providing such memorable favorites as "Higher Than The Top," "Never Say It's Over" and "Full Steam Ahead." 2006 saw the release of what could be their tightest album thus far, "Touch The Power". "Go For The Gold", "Dream Like and Eagle" and "The Fire Inside" are the singles released thus far from Falconheart's latest. Amazingly, Falconheart has managed to continue this impressive output despite having no record label represent them as of yet. While still actively looking for one, Rick and Randy continue to produce and distribute their own music using Randy's Commodore computer and good old fashioned elbow grease. Falconheart's concert on March 22nd holds special meaning for them because it represents the first time that someone has actually asked them to play somewhere. They consider this a huge step in a positive direction. Until now, they have primarily played open mics around Cleveland and family parties such as First Communions and Falcon family reunions. In addition to performing all of their hits, Falconheart will also be showing some of their amazingly well-produced videos and may also allow a brief and unprecedented Q and A with the audience. Opening for Falconheart is the complicated European duo Phaseur, and headlining is area favorite The Doctor Teeeth. The Ultimate Energy Tour is not to be missed! If you like what you've read (or seen in the inspirational video above), you should probably check out the show next week, because it will almost surely be the last time anyone lets these guys near a stage. For more information or to hear some more adrenaline-pumping tunage, check out the band's MySpace page. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=89097648 Falconheart! rules! — Joe P. Tone!
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