So Stylistic (Tommy Boy)

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The Brooklyn-based trio Fannypack -- 16-year-old Belinda, 17-year-old Jessibel, and 21-year-old Cat -- is already hitting "media darling" status and drawing comparisons to Salt-N-Pepa, J.J. Fad, and L'Trimm. Discovered while rhyming on the street, then ushered into the studio by producers Fancy and Matt "Big Black" Goias, Fannypack does have a bit of the manufactured air of so many great pop groups. But their songs are so guiltily infectious, their self-aware hoochie vibe so tight, that you don't really care how it all came together.

The beats on So Stylistic recall an era when producers weren't afraid to make up-tempo jams. The first single, an ode to female frontal wedgies they call "Cameltoe," might be the album's most comedic moment, but it's only one of many noteworthy cuts. "Hey Mami," on which electro bounce meets a Tinkertoy rendition of a stereotypical Latin melody, is a lighthearted piss-take on those oh-so-intellectual pick-up lines they hear from men on the street. "System Boomin'" is reminiscent of a time when the term "hip-house" wasn't taboo. So Stylistic is undoubtedly a chick's record through and through, and only the most cynical of women will be immune to its sassy charm. We only wish we were that hot and clever in high school. Or now, for that matter.

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