Fistua Live: "We are gonna beat the makeup off all these sissies."

The five-man Fistula lineup makes its live debut at the Beachland Tavern (15711 Waterloo Ave., 216-383-1124) Wednesday, October 31, opening for opening for stoner crush-crew Weedeater. When the sludgy Fistula was just a trio, they sounded like a hopped-up COC mugging Black Sabbath. With two more members in the fearsome fold, the imminent new LP, Burdened by Your Existence, promises to be just downright nasty. In a good way. Mainman Corey Bing (the grizzly gentleman second from the left) made Scene the following promise about the band's set: “Three people that would normally kick your ass isn't anything compared to five that will do the same. More anger, more volume, more people, more pissed. There are all these punks perpetratin' like they got something worthwhile to offer. I’m tired of it, the whole fasion-show metal shit. People are still so concerned with what you look like and all the rest of that hip scenster bullshit. Fistula is here to stay, and we are gonna beat the makeup off all these sissies.” And a happy Halloween back at ya, Mr. Bing. -- D.X. Ferris
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