Flip Sides

"Buttons," Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg

Flip Sides
Side A: Everything you need to know about "Buttons" is in the first three seconds: a wash of gong, a quip of Snoop, some Middle Eastern synth, and a bassy thump. Even before the digitally airbrushed choir of sluts starts begging to be disrobed, the tune has all the ingredients of a brilliantly innocuous, deliriously saccharine club hit. From the fuck-me sentiment to the midtempo grind, the tune doesn't even front at challenging the cerebrum; it's all about motivating the libido. -- Nate Cavalieri

Side B: Subtle innuendo, we've hardly known ye -- and I'd bet Snoop's vintage hooptie collection that the Pussycat Dolls never have. "Buttons" bores with its up-front, lap-dance lasciviousness; it's all toned-ab surface, no subtext -- another overheated pop anthem for a culture that can't be bothered with nuance and mystery because there's too many shiny distractions and not enough time to gorge adequately. It's an overpolished "art as life" soundtrack, and Snoop's rote cameo is an unnecessary gambit to sell us something else we don't need. -- Ray Cummings

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