Get Thrashed at the Rock Hall

The heavy-metal documentary Get Thrashed plays at the Rock Hall Wednesday, August 15. The bad news: It starts at 3 p.m., which is a terrible time, unless you don't work, in which case you probably have seen too many rock docs as it is. The good news: It’s free. More good news: It looks pretty cool. Read more about it in this week’s Scene. Or check out the four-minute trailer above. The film is currently playing the film-festival circuit; it’s not in wide release, and the DVD is set for tentative release in Spring 2008. Metalheads worldwide are salivating over it, and have been for years -- clips have been available online since 2003. So why the holdup? And why isn’t it showing in theaters everywhere? “Getting the rights to use all the music in the film is just as complicated, probably more so, than making the actual film,” director Rick Ernst tells Scene. “All these major record labels and corporations own the rights to classic albums by Exodus and Metallica. We hope to have the DVD out early next year. It’s almost done and ready to go; we just need to clear all the music.” To see more clips from the movie, click here. If you absolutely need a solid thrash documentary right now -- well, you may have a problem. But who are we to judge? Check out Born in the Basement , by Rat Skates, the original drummer of Overkill. The excellent flick is Skates’ autobiography, which coincides with the rise of his former band, from the tail of NYC’s 70s punk era through the glory days of speed metal. Skates also was an associate producer for Get Thrashed. Check out a clip from Basement here. -- D.X. Ferris
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