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It’s appropriate that Brooklyn, New York’s For Feather make their Cleveland debut at the Arts Collinwood Gallery. The band has a visual sensibility that comes across in everything from its handcrafted promo materials to its live show, where two artists accompany the group with live video and animation projections.

“I’m interested in things that are artistic,” says singer-bassist Erica Glyn. “I can’t do that stuff on my own, physically. Even though I made the promo packages, that kind of thing doesn’t come naturally to me. It ends up as a collaboration. I didn’t make any of the artwork, but it’s the work of one of the visual artists we work with. It matches the vibe of me and us and what we’re doing.”

For Feather formed two years ago as an outlet for Glyn, a New York native who cites the Beatles, Radiohead and PJ Harvey as influences. That much is apparent from the band’s most recent release, the Firing at Love Field EP, which veers from mid-tempo rockers “(Sumo Wrestler”) to moody ballads (“Love Field”).

“We were so excited about the material, we just wanted to record the songs on Firing to get them out,” says Glyn, who also works as a recording engineer. “I’m so happy with the EP. We’re now in the middle of recording more songs. There’s momentum when you keep churning it out. And it’s fun.”

Saint Francis Arms opens the show at 9 p.m. Saturday. Admission is free. —Jeff Niesel

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