Gigantour featuring Megadeth

Sunday, May 4, at Time Warner Cable Amphitheater.

Gigantour metal Megadeth

Megadeth headlines the third not-quite-annual edition of Gigantour, a metal mini-fest that's reacquainting the masses with the lost art of the guitar solo. This year's lineup includes In Flames, Job for a Cowboy, Children of Bodom, and High on Fire. Every single one of them have hard-earned calluses on their fingertips. Megadeth frontman and Gigantour founder Dave Mustaine is a fan. He especially likes stoner-rock gods High on Fire. "You can't say it's a simple band, because it's obviously powerful," he says. "It's just a straightforward approach to what they're doing. I think that some people make guitar difficult, just [so it can be] difficult. One night, I watched [guitarist] Allan Holdsworth. And forgive me — I don't like him. His shit's too weird. That's probably why he's not popular."

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