God Forbid

With Children of Bodom and Through the Eyes of the Dead. Sunday, March 26, at House of Blues.

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God Forbid
The members of God Forbid have a little of the drill instructor about them. They ameliorate the bully factor, though, by mustering some of the most anthemic riffs and choruses in metalcore, injecting their music with megadoses of classic thrash without ever succumbing to necrophiliac retro impulses. Their most recent album, IV: Constitution of Treason (Century Media), is nearly operatic at times. One of the best metal discs of 2005, it crushes the listener under its boot, but in a much nobler and more ambitious manner than the thick-necked chant-alongs of, say, Hatebreed.

God Forbid has majesty about it, particularly in the vocals. Byron Davis is a convincing screamer: The listener believes that he's about to completely lose his shit over societal mendacity. (Too many post-hardcore ranters sound like kids throwing tantrums at Toys R Us.) And live, drummer Corey Pierce slams the kit hard enough to cave the stage in, while fraternal guitar team Doc and Dallas Coyle crank out fist-pumping riffs. It's a pure metal show, one not to be missed.

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