GoGoGo Airheart

Saturday, March 6, at the Grog Shop.

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Plate Tectonics, featuring Jeff Samuel Abbasso, 1222 Prospect Avenue 9 p.m. Friday, March 5, 216-566-7278
Despite their gangly name, which sounds like something a quarterback calls on third and 12, there is little else jockish about this California combo. Their self-titled 1997 debut (recently reissued on CD) fumbled with an experimental, synth-soaked, dub-ambient thing -- along the lines of early '80s originators like Liquid Liquid and other acts more influential than memorable. The band has since morphed (over three more albums) into an enigmatic calculus corps in line with most of its GSL labelmates: spare CD art that opens up to jutting, post-punk guitar chops, tempos that dance to faux-funk for a minute, stop on a dime, and then go off again or tumble down in a chaotic instant. And if that sounds like a Priest Holmes end-around, please to call it "dada" (third-year Derrida majors like these guys would hate to think there is anything remotely athletic about their surging dynamics). Sprung from neither the garage nor indie-rock huddles, GoGoGo Airheart is one of a small roster of bands out there that thoroughly distrust the remnants of the rock playbook, but still want to squeeze some yardage out of their guitars.
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