Happy Mother's Day — A Video Collection

In honor of Mother's Day on Sunday, here are some of our favorite mom songs. Some are tributes to dear ol' mom. Some blame mom for a lifetime of problems. And some are about moms we'd like to have sex with. What's on your mom mixtape?—Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)

Fountains of Wayne — "Stacy's Mom"
The ultimate MILF song. The utlimate MILF video.

Danzig — "Mother"
Even motherfuckin' Danzig gets in on some mom action.

Eminem — "My Mom"
Dude has had mommy issues from the start. This song's from his latest album, so yeah, he still has mommy issues.

John Lennon — "Mother"
The cool Beatle had mommy issues too. But on the opposite end of the spectrum from Eminem's.

John Lennon — "My Mummy's Dead"
Another Lennon song (told you he had mommy issues). But this one is the sad coda to his best solo album.

Pink Floyd — "Mother"
More mommy issues. Didn't any of these guys have happy childhoods?

Abba — "Does Your Mother Know"
I think Mom would approve.

Jenny Lewis — "Jack Killed Mom"
A cheery little tale from the Rilo Kiley frontwoman.

The Rolling Stones — "Mother's Little Helper"
Sometimes Mom needs a little help. Who are we to judge?

South Park — "Kyle's Mom Is a Big Fat Bitch"
A great singalong about someone else's mom. Not yours. She's nice.

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