Hetero Skeleton

En La Sombra Del Pàjaro Velludo (Load Records)

Hetero Skeleton Finland jiggling epilepsy Hetero Skeleton
Hetero Skeleton is a spaz punk band from Finland; percussionist and screamer Arttu Partinen is also in Avarus. I won't mince words: The name is stupid. Merely mentioning the style they play makes me wish I lived on another planet. And the cover of their record is the kind of ugly that God generally reserves for fat, mustached whores.

Still, the music itself is fascinating, even fun, and not at all hokey. By stealing their jazz moves from the Machine Gun LP and the rest of the FMP catalog (instead of Ornette and Zorn), Hetero Skeleton manages to make dry, infinitely fractured spasms as opposed to mere jiggling epilepsy. If there are riffs, I couldn't find 'em. The hairy sax doesn't lead, but is just another addition to the overall texture. Best of all, the drums sound like someone throwing a crate of apples down a staircase.

Even among bands that can turn on a dime, it's not easy to make a record that genuinely avoids clichés. That means hats off, and be sure to tell all your friends.

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