Holy Mountain

With Asshole Parade, Insurrect, and Masakari. Monday, March 26, at Tower 2012 (9521 Madison Avenue).

Holy Mountain
Florida has always been a haven for two things: retirement communities and aggro bands. Doesn't matter whether we're talking thrash, death metal, grindcore, black metal, power violence, speed metal, or anarcho-punk -- if it's truly brutal and pissed off, you can find it in America's Disneyfied shit hole.

This is the last go-'round for Gainesville's Asshole Parade, who were forced to reunite once before due to a demand for their unhinged speed. Tampa's Holy Mountain is also unsparingly vicious and has yet to hit its peak. The band is named after a mind-blowing psychedelic movie from South America, so expect to have your head ripped right off. Both bands also have releases out on No Idea, a top-shelf label for rad hardcore abuse since 1985.

As America turns into a desolate suburban swampland, music fans of all stripes are taking cues from the hardcore branch of the DIY world. And while it's not the kind of community found on Sesame Street, it allows you to toss your feet over your head and snarl until the veins in your neck pop out.

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