H.R. and the Dubb Agents

With Broadview Gutters. Tuesday, August 21, at the Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights.

H.R. Bad Brains hardcore
The legendary Rasta-core band Bad Brains has recently reunited for a new album and tour. So why is frontman H.R. also playing solo shows? It's a fair question, but anyone who follows the career of the former Paul Hudson knows that he's a musician who always travels his own path.

Over the years, this has led to some odd moves -- most bizarrely when H.R. (short for "Human Rights") insisted his band be rechristened "Soul Brains" because of the alleged negative vibes generated by the word "Bad."

At the moment, the singer's singular vision is devoted to a genre called "global rock." As explained by his manager, Jim "Barry D.I.A." Long, global rock is an umbrella term for the fusion of reggae, dub, and punk that has been H.R.'s musical MO since Bad Brains exploded out of Washington D.C. in the early '80s as perhaps the fastest, fiercest hardcore act around -- one which could also stop on a dime to deliver some laid-back Jamaican grooves.

The latter are more H.R.'s speed as a solo artist, and they'll be served up here by his current quartet, the Dubb Agents.

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