Immortal Lee County Killers

With the New Bomb Turks and the Chargers. Friday, January 5, at the Beachland.

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Chet Weise and Doug Sherrard force listeners to imagine an unimaginable world. A world where Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper hold the Stooges in the highest possible esteem. A world where Lux Interior and Bun E. Carlos put together a lo-fi touring homage to Southern Culture on the Skids. A world where G.G. Allin never died, but moved to Mississippi to enter the Shaolin tarpaper roadhouse of R.L. Burnside, snatching guitar picks from the blues priest's hand until he was prepared to enter the world. All of that imagination is just the subjective musical reality of a Bizarro planet plotline for the formidable wack blues duo of guitarist Weise (the Cheetah) and drummer Sherrard (the Boss), the raucous and raw blues nerve of the Immortal Lee County Killers. The Killers have emerged this year with an impressive handful of split seven-inches, each one louder and more aggressively unproduced than the last, and are now out behind the chicken wire in support of their upcoming acid blues shredfest, The Essential Fucked Up Blues! on Estrus.

The secret to ILCK's huge sound is the massive beat thrown down by the Boss, as well as a wickedly inventive two-amp, A-B switch system that allows former Quadrajets guitarist Cheetah to jump back and forth between a trebly high end and a distorted six-string train wreck. All of this occurs in service to a set that features the likes of "Go to Hell on Judgment Day," "Let's Get Killed," and "Sometimes the Devil Sneaks Inside My Head." If Quentin Tarantino ever makes a blues road movie, the Immortal Lee County Killers stand ready to play loud, take hostages, and demand ransom, even if the script doesn't call for it.

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