Joey Belladonna

with Violent Night, kphit, and MODS

Joey Belladonna Joey Belladonna, with Violent Night, kphit, and MODS. Thursday, April 19, at Peabody's.
As the high-flying voice of classic-era Anthrax, Joey Belladonna stands as the premier metal singer of the late '80s. He had the best name and best hair, hitting notes Dio couldn't reach even if he was standing on Viv Campbell's shoulders.

But seriously -- dudes out there still listen to vintage Metallica and even Megadeth, while Anthrax's golden years have been pretty much forgotten. This despite the fact that the marriage of hardcore and metal, an idea Anthrax brought to MTV with 1988's "Caught in a Mosh," informs practically every band on the Warped Tour today. So kids, do your homework: Check out 1987's Among the Living.

As a solo performer, Belladonna embraces with complete sincerity all the macho trappings of "true metal" that the irony-heavy Anthrax always subverted through its smart, cartoonish image (another groundbreaking innovation). Belladonna even opted out of a successful Anthrax reunion that ran from 2005 to January of this year, concentrating instead on his own music: chugging guitars, lyrics about kicking ass, and the kind of vocal chops a man born in 1960 is supposed to bring. Two words: Fucking Metal God.

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