John Digweed

With Tim Skinner. Friday, November 22, at Modä.

Die Another Day
If Fatboy Slim personifies the guy who drinks too much, parties too hard, and takes every joke too far, then John Digweed is the laid-back yin to Slim's overindulgent yang. Digweed, a superstar DJ in name but not personality, takes to the turntables and starts slowly and subtly, letting the momentum build naturally. His progressive house sets have won him too many dance-music industry awards to list, and they never fail to satisfy a legion of devoted fans.

But let's face it: On paper, the guy is kind of boring. So what is it about his DJing that keeps 'em coming back for more? It's probably the tension. Digweed starts his sets off with throbbing, measured house tracks that brim with tightly restrained sensuality, and he paces himself, slowly working his way toward the kind of epic material that Slim slams into straight away. Over the course of the night, the energy builds like tension in an M. Night Shyamalan film, where you have to wait for the last 15 minutes to hit pay dirt. When the end comes, it's nothing short of revelatory.

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