Just So You Know, Kid Cudi Smokes Weed, Not Liquid Cocaine

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That cigarette? Not laced with liquid cocaine
  • That cigarette? Not laced with liquid cocaine

Remember when we told you about Cleveland native Kid Cudi getting arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief about a month ago? Remember how we told you he got all Hulk-smash on some woman's door? Remember how we told, and baffled, you about the "liquid cocaine" that was found on him?

Well, he's talking about it. Sort of. Um, actually, not really. But according to AllHipHop, Cudi was in Brooklyn recently — hanging out with hipster friends Vampire Weekend and Best Coast — and told an audience: "I know you guys were hearing some shit about me in the news. I was wilding out and shit, but I'm good now. I just smoke weed. I know niggas die when they 27. I'm 26 now, but I promise I'll live til I'm old as shit.”

So to recap: Weed — good; not weed — bad.

Now all we need to know is what kinda weed was Cudi smoking that gave him the superpowers to rip a door off its hinges? We can barely open a Cheetos bag when we're high. —Michael Gallucci

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