Kill the Fall

The Art of Self Destruction

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Kill The Fall ( Friday, January 27, at the Jigsaw Saloon and Stage.
In Ray Terry's world, every day is The Corpse Bride. Except that, for the frontman of Kill the Fall, it's not cast with dancing puppets. It's full of disfigured undead lovers clawing their way back to the world of the living, where the weather isn't so great. (In fact, it looks a lot like Cleveland.) "I'm flying paralyzed against the rain," the singer-guitarist all but screams in "Sorrid," the beginning of The Art of Self Destruction, his second proper CD since moving on from hardcore should-have-beens Allergic to Whores.

Shedding their old name (Nightbreed) for a new nom de horrorcore, this morbid trio's new configuration features more creative input from drummer Kevin Hopkins, though Terry -- who no longer sounds like he's covering Danzig songs -- remains the voice of the group. Kill the Fall generally plays as slowly as Nightbreed's record, but this bristling new batch of tunes is just a little more punk. Terry emerges as a guitarist of note, not through wailing solos but as a rhythm-guitar-as-lead strummer you can't quite tune out -- not that you'd want to.

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