Last Word

What local band has the best chance of breaking out nationally?

Last Word
"I think it's a tie between Novallos and Icarus Landing. I know they have the drive and the talent to go all the way." -- Kylee E., Omaha, Nebraska

"The ones going through puberty now, because that's when you humans usually break out." -- Metal Bastard, a robot, Cleveland

"ToRne. In just six months, they have opened for Ill Nino, 3 Inches of Blood, and Life of Agony. The new disc is under way. Yeah, I'm the vocalist, and I'm pumping my own group, but with our new producer and killer recording studio, well . . . just remember ToRne's name." -- Matt D., Cleveland

"I would love to see Audiblethread make it. Only thing is, there is no true market in Cleveland, and the big industry labels actually look down on Cleveland. There are so many talented bands out right now: PKS, Noise Auction, Disown, etc., but without the proper market, it doesn't look promising for anyone." -- Jennifer R., Toxic Entertainment, North Olmsted

Question of the Week: What's the most underrated local act?

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