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Overhyped Local bands
What's the most overhyped local band?

"Mushroomhead. They're good, but really no better than a lot of bands out there, such as Audiblethread or Sindust. I respect the boys, especially for doing what they can to help other local bands. But they get so much attention that other good local metal bands kind of fade into the background."

-- Teleri S., Berea

"It's a toss-up between Boatzz and Roué. Both are decent bands, but man, are their members a bunch of uptight, indie snobs. The music stops being enjoyable when the band members are as full of themselves as these guys are."

-- Violet H., Lakewood

"Jaded Era. They've been 'the next great thing to come out of Northeast Ohio' for nearly a decade. Their music is dated, but people still fall over themselves with praise. The lead singer is hot -- noted. Now, let's move on."

-- Mark B., Cleveland

Question of the week:

What’s your favorite local CD of 2005?

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