Level-C (www.level-c.com)

Eddie and Gerald Levert Palace Theatre, 1519 Euclid Avenue 7:30 p.m. Monday, December 27; $45/$50/$60, 216-241-6000
You may have glimpsed Level-C for a second on MTV's Battle for Ozzfest, where the bawdy young female headbangers mugged for the camera but failed to make the cut at the show's tryouts. It's not likely to be the last time you see this promising bunch.

On this five-song demo, the only thing that outsizes the riffs is the 'tude. "Let's see how hard we rock/We're gonna make it," singer Christine Maynard growls, on a tune that comes across like a heavy-metal take on the Laverne & Shirley theme. Clumsy lyrics frequently trip the band up on precocious tantrums like "Suck a Fist" and "Kick Flip" (dude, even Fred Durst would think twice about spitting a couplet like "We run the damn show/And I know you feel my flow"). But elsewhere, Level-C displays potential, with moody, harmony-laden thrash and a badass frontlady who's just crass and confident enough to live up to her boasts eventually.

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