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Mi Octopi Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Heights Boulevard, Cleveland Heights 9 p.m. Thursday, July 7, $6, 216-321-5588
Podcast: The Metal Show
What to expect: Old-school and new metal, plus band interviews and plenty of biting commentary from hosts Matt "the Warlock" Wardlaw and Chris Akin.
Why you should listen: "The reason to listen is simple: Train wrecks are interesting and hard to look away from. We try to crash at least a half-dozen trains per show. You should be listening, because Chris is bound to say something really offensive." -- Matt Wardlaw

Podcast: What They Sang to Me
What to expect: An interpretation of the lyrics to a different song every podcast by host David Johnson. Covered artists include Tom Petty, Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, Willie Nelson, Dido, and more.
Why you should listen: "A lot of folks have commented that the things I say about a song have made them hear it in a whole new way." -- David Johnson

Podcast: Siren Rebellion
What to expect: A mix of local and unsigned bands, along with hosts Siren Cristy and Siren Kimmie discussing power tools, threesomes, petty theft, the etiquette of pot-smoking, Freud, and drunken karaoke.
Why you should listen: "Siren Rebellion guarantees to make you laugh, improve your IQ, minimize accidental deaths, make you a better lover, and may keep you from getting arrested." -- Siren Kimmie

Podcast: Folk Alley
What to expect: A mix of traditional and contemporary folksinger-songwriters, bluegrass, Americana, world music, and more. There are also in-studio interviews with national touring acts.
Why you should listen: "As it stands right now -- with traditional terrestrial radio stations -- the only place to find this kind of music and interviews is on those mysterious stations way to the left of your dial. The internet and podcasting are evening the playing field and allowing people to be their own program director."
-- Linda Fahey, Director of Programming and Marketing, WKSU

Podcast: Experimental Behavior
What to expect: Music and commentary from forward-thinking musicians, artists, writers, and performers, including locals like This Is Exploding, Infinite Number of Sounds, and many others. There are also frequent rundowns of new art openings, happenings, and events.
Why you should listen: "Folks should tune into the ExBe podcast because we need more 'I Was There' postings on the messageboard!" -- Brent Gummow, site manager

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