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Taken by Talons

Meet the Band: Jason Byrd (guitars), Nate Taddeo (guitars), Josh Mitchell (vocals), Chris Haggarty (drums), and Andrew Murphy (bass)

Non-Hyphenated Metal Is for Losers: Nobody plays straight-up metal anymore, because where's the fun in that? Taken by Talons work elements of jazz and prog into their sound.

Are You Ready to Rock?

The band is wrapping up preproduction for its debut album, due out by September.

Some Things You Might Not Know About Taken by Talons: "Jason Byrd has obtained medical permission to keep a lengthy beard at all times. Josh Mitchell has slept with 99 percent of the girls in Northeast Ohio. Nate Taddeo can throw a pigskin a quarter-mile." Collectively, they're into "drinking beer, smoking weed, and playing metal." Duh.

Most Memorable Story Involving the Messiah: Jesus literally broke His face on Haggarty's kick drum during a Halloween show, when a concertgoer dressed as the Son of God fell face-first onto the stage.

Why They Say They Matter:

"We're trying to put our stamp on modern metal," says Haggarty.

Why We Say They Matter:

Taken by Talons have absorbed a prog-metal sound that's a bit trickier than the usual slash-and-tear.

Where You Can Hear Them:

facebook.com/tbtohioWhere You Can See Them:

At the Coventry Metal Fest on July 9 and Peabody's on July 16.

Jara Anton

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