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Presque Vu

Meet the Band: Eddie "Johnny La Rock" Fleisher (vocals, programming), Vinnie "Furface" Furman (DJ, keyboards, programming), and Aaron "Mush Mouth" Donahoo (vocals)

Clean Break: Fleisher (pictured center) and Donahoo (right) have been making music together since they were teens. Furman got on board a few years ago. After breaking up with his former band and girlfriend, Fleisher started Presque Vu as a solo project. He says Donahoo and Furman eventually weaseled their way back in.

What Comes After Rap? The Cleveland trio marries synth-pop with hip-hop and electronica to make what they call "post-rap." "People often struggle with what type of music to define us as or who to compare us to," says Fleisher. "I'm OK with that. I don't think everything needs to be labeled."

One Sweet 'Stache:

Fleisher says Presque Vu's latest album, 210 & a Moustache, reflects his bandmates' "deeper involvement this time around," as he puts it. "It's kind of funny how things ended up coming full circle."

Why You Should Hear Them: Presque Vu's songs pair deep vocals with deep lyrics to create a macabre sound that evokes dark emotions. But who doesn't love emo-like songs you can curl up and cry to?

Where You Can Hear Them: presquevumusic.com

Where You Can See Them: At the Grog Shop on November 8.

Courtney Kerrigan

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