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Jes Maybe

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Meet the Artist: Multi-instrumentalist Jes Maybe records by himself (singing and playing guitar, keyboards, ukulele, and more), but Erika Duhon, David Sleeps, and David Novak join him onstage.

Prolific as Pollard: Inspiration is a constant problem for the 31-year-old Clevelander. Maybe has recorded 20 albums and EPs over the past few years. "At any given time, I usually have three or four different records going on," he says. "That keeps the monotony at bay."

Bizarre Love Triangle: Last year's seven-song Entitlement blends dance, synth, and soul in a champagne bath of fizzy synths, bubbling drum machines, stringy bass, and '80s affectation. "There is so much music in there, it's hard to narrow it down," he says. "I think there are elements of Pink Floyd, the Cure, New Order, and the Cars."

Bust a Move: "I'm not sure if what I do could be considered dancing. I sort of wander around to the beat."

The Best of Jes: In October, Maybe released Collected Recordings 2008-2011 on Holiday Friends Recording Co., which is owned by his friend, Jacob Graham, of the New York indie rockers the Drums. "It's pretty laid-back; sort of like the last sunny days in the fall," says Maybe. "Jacob chose the songs, and they flow nicely, even though they come from different albums."

Why You Should Hear Him: Maybe put out three full albums last year, and each one has a distinctive groove: Paper Airplanes features a spacey electro orchestra, Dream Journal recalls the post-rock pop of the Sea and Cake, and Entitlement is full of '80s retro rad-tasticness.

Where You Can Hear Him: jesmaybe.bandcamp.com

Where You Can See Him: At the Stone Tavern in Kent on January 14. — Keith Gribbins

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