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The Bassics

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Meet the Band: Stephen Arthur (vocals, bass), John Vasvary (guitar), and Noah Kemp (drums).

Slightly Exaggerated: On their Facebook page, the Concord-based band promises to "puke onstage, light it on fire, and kick it into the crowd." Which isn't entirely true: "John puked onstage before, but it was in another, earlier band," says Arthur (pictured, center). "Someone else ate it."

But They're Optimistic, Really: "Any way you cut it," says Arthur, "there are going to be offensive, indulgent, musical snobs in bands that enjoy dropping a pile of shit and then marveling at their own creation. I say more power to them, because they just make it easier for us to conquer the world."

Aim Big: "Our musical goal is to reach a surf-punk death-metal state of mind," says Arthur. "We don't have any other goal, other than to make music that doesn't suck."

Why You Should Hear Them: Despite having a recorded output that lasts barely five minutes, the low-fi noise trio makes quite a bit of racket on their debut single. "Sell My Body" delivers confrontational sludge that puts one in the mind of Mudhoney; the B-side "Of the Lord" is a beach-bum dirge.

Where You Can Hear Them: myspace.com/thebassics. — Dan Weiss

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