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The Stagecoach Robbery

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Meet the Band: Tristan Ankrom (vocals, guitar, harmonica), John McCarron (guitar, vocals), Seth Swegheimer (drums), and Marc Dreher (bass)

They're Not Just Noodlers: The New Philadelphia quartet bristles at being called a jam band. "We get lumped and labeled [that way] because a lot of our songs are long and a few of them don't have any words," says Swegheimer. "But in reality our material is very structured. Very few of our songs are simple."

Come Together: Before joining the Stagecoach Robbery, McCarron was a member of the Atlanta jamtronica band EP3. He brings a whole new element to the group's sound.

Set Lists Are for Wussies: Onstage, the Stagecoach Robbery like to break things up, working with a different set list every night. "We mesh a lot of our songs together and combine them to keep things interesting," says Swegheimer. "Sometimes we'll string together four or five songs and end up playing 45 minutes nonstop."

Why You Should Hear Them: McCarron's fiery leads and Ankrom's playful vocals blend perfectly on record — and especially onstage. Heady harmonies and tight arrangements propel this organic mix.

Where You Can Hear Them: thestagecoachrobbery.com

Where You Can See Them: At the Auricle in Canton on May 27.

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