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The Flipside and Suede Brothers Get Graded

Listen to the Heartbeat Ill New You

The Flipside



Five years ago, local singer-songwriters Beth "Flip" Hyland, Mark Ronan, Bob "Gib" Gibbons, Brian Baddour and Jack Mizenko figured they'd sound better together than apart, so they formed the Flipside and became one of the best local folk acts. Pick any song off their debut, Listen to the Heartbeat, and you'll hear the influences of some great folksingers. Beth Hyland's singing on "Dance With Me Paddy" bears striking similarities to Joni Mitchell's. And the acoustic guitar on "Hometown Girl" is reminiscent of Neil Young. While both songs are skillfully done, the band really shines on original tunes like "My Good Friend" and "Travel Lightly." — Julia Kazar

The Flipside perform at 8:30 p.m. Friday, July 31, at the Winchester (12112 Madison Ave., 216.226.5681, thewinchester.net). Admission: $5.

Suede Brothers

(Bad Breaker)


The Suede Brothers' sound is even bigger and badder on their loaded fist of a second EP. The tasty riff on "Homebreaker" has passing similarities to a gnarly Queens of the Stone Age nugget. Then they're off into uncharted territory. Pere Ubu producer Paul Hamann recorded the disc, helping the power trio develop their thoroughly original sound. Chief among the epic tracks is the seven-minute "Lady Luck," which climaxes in a Clydesdale gallop and collapses into a pile of distortion and feedback. Frontman Dylan Francis is still a better axe-slinger than singer, though the gap is narrowing. The rhythm section — drummer Mike Varga and bassist Kevin Naughton — locks together on tunes like start-stop-go rocker "So Low." — D.X. Ferris

The Suede Brothers perform at 9 p.m. Friday, July 31, at the Cleveland Matinee (2527 W. 25th St., 216.574.2843, thematinee.net).

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