Lottery League: Tweet twit

I should only get a dickpunch for even considering this, but I'll be live-tweeting the Lottery League draft tonight until such time as I get mortified that I've become the asshole who's barely participatory because I'm too busy tweeting. My Twitter feed is at

OR - I'm just sayin' - you could spend your Friday night doing something OTHER than sitting around waiting for a justifiably obscure guitarist to drunkenly post misspelled, truncated bullshit to a stupid microblog that enjoys great popularity among pathetic deluded egomaniacs who think their every utterance is worthy of broadcast. Your call.

And of course, the obvious alternative to reading about it is being there. The draft is open to the public. It starts at 9pm at the Beachland Ballroom. $5 if you're not in the Lottery League. There will be numerous amusements and diversions crafted to hold the interests of civilians. Alcohol will be sold. Bands will play. Hell, you might even get laid! No promises on that, though. —Kretsch

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