With Apostle of Hustle. Tuesday, November 9, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The New York Spaghetti House 2173 East Ninth Street 216-621-2379. 4 to 11 p.m.; Tuesday through Saturday
Luna frontman Dean Wareham is the musical equivalent of those wizened old chaps you see at county fairs, presiding over arts-and-crafts booths. His band's latest, Rendezvous, is the New York indie-rock outfit's seventh studio album since 1992, when Wareham formed the band after breaking up Galaxie 500, his pioneering Boston slowcore group.

It will also be Luna's last: Wareham announced last month that after touring Rendezvous through the beginning of next year, the members will happily go their separate ways. As full of low-level backseat mumbling and mellow streetlight guitar lines as any of the six CDs that preceded it, Rendezvous suggests that Wareham probably could have made six more albums without giving in to a need to dabble in other styles or moods. Fortunately, here that means a gratifying predictability in the Grateful Dead mode, not the coma-inducing sameness some narrow-minded indie types proffer. Wareham takes another gently insistent guitar solo, and you marvel at his patience with the form.

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