Masters of Luxury

Welcome to Opulence (All Hail Records)

biker rock Masters of Luxury Orange Street, Akron Friday, May 25
With one foot in Akron and the other in Columbus, the Masters play high-concept biker rock as if they frequent every dive bar off I-71. What's more, the band names songs after numbers that don't correspond to the track listing; no. 5, however, is "Five," and its prolonged double-kick flurry rates about a seven on the Richter scale.

It's a harsh buzz, for sure. Like bipolar badasses you don't want to sit by at the local watering hole, the band plays dual-guitar leads and rumbling riffs. "Nova" kicks off the bender with straightforward metallic blues, while the rest of the tunes are given to violent mood swings. "Two" bursts into sudden thrash. "Ten" winds down into a ponderous guitar lullaby before a litany of nightmare screams. And the epic "Four" has more kick than anything Tool has done since the '90s.

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