Metal Halloween

With Halloween approaching, Scene ushers in the Season of the Witch by welcoming Metal Show host Chris Akin and his top five fall classics: 1. Halloween, Don't Metal With Evil. These Detroit rockers have been largely overlooked throughout metal history because they came out at the same time as Helloween, but their Don't Metal With Evil release is by far one of the Top 5 most overlooked power metal albums ever. Spooky and full of the piss n' vinegar you would expect from this kind of shock rock band. 2. Trick or Treat. A dumb movie about a dead rock star who takes revenge on a small town. The movie was kind of stupid, but it did feature both Ozzy and Gene Simmons. Nothing better in my high school youth than smoking a few joints, watching this movie in the dark, then cranking the soundtrack in the car on the way to McDonalds to fulfill the hunger caused by the previously mentioned weed! And hell, the great Fastway recorded the soundtrack! 3. Helloween, The Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 and 2. No metalhead I've ever spoken with denies the greatness of these two releases. This band never lived up to the incredible ride these two releases took the listener on, and got to be quite cheesy as they tried to explore their artistic side in the years that followed, but these two are as classic as anything ever put out. 4. Fear: Halloween Night. A film from the late '90s that was largely missed on its way through video stores, but was just plain weird and scary. The plot involves a bunch of psych patients who are being haunted by a monster made of wood. Obviously, no one believes their claims, which made the monster all the more potent. 5. Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio. OK, maybe it's not as Halloween-themed as some of the other things here. But... The Metal Show airs on Cleveland's 92.3 FM K-Rock every Sunday night from 10 p.m. to midnight, or visit the show's website for podcasts. The Metal Show celebrates Friday the 13th with a special bash at Parma's Jigsaw Saloon and Stage. Beer starts flowing at 9 p.m., followed by live performances from Scalera and Pristine Bullet. --D.X. Ferris
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