With Hanzel und Gretyl. Tuesday, November 23, at House of Blues.

Finding Neverland
Now that the debris from the November elections has been swept aside, one can expect its results to further infuriate Al Jourgensen and Ministry. Houses of the Mole, Ministry's latest, is arguably the band's most brutal effort yet, sparing no expense, right from the Carmina Burana-infused "No W" (Take a wild guess who Uncle Al's lambasting). The album never lets up on the aggression or the commander-in-chief. If having a Republican in the White House focuses Jourgensen's rage in the studio, one can imagine the calamity that will ensue onstage, where he has been starting shows on the band's latest tour by beating the stuffing out of a dummy fashioned to resemble the President. Past tours have evoked near-riots among rabid audiences, with at least one gig described as "raining people." Expect Jourgensen and company to shred eardrums with a heaping helping of Mole, along with serving up such classic industrial standbys as "So What" and taking on Dubya's daddy in "N.W.O."
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