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This Week: 10.06-10.12

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Local bands
Band: Dave's Planet
Hometown: Cleveland and Lake County
Sounds Like: "Dave's Planet draws it's original musical flavors from 3 Doors Down and Pearl Jam, Green Day and Godsmack. It's medium to heavy rock with hardcore melody."
Fun Fact: "One of the stuffed characters that hangs from the drum kit (Animal) actually went to Iraq to fight for our country. No B.S. He still has his fatigues on."
Playing: Saturday, October 8, at Peabody's.
Why You Should See Them: "Recently signed as a Bud True Music band following the release of their debut CD, Dave's Planet has created an ongoing party that seems to have no boundaries." -- Dave Juka, guitar/vocals

Band: Patrick Sweany Band
Hometown: Massillon
Sounds Like: "Houndog Taylor mixed with Sam Cooke, with a liberal dose of dirty rock and roll that makes you shake your ass."
Fun Fact: "Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys used to play baritone guitar for us, up until he got too busy with rock stardom. I will sell his cell phone number to anyone who sends me 10 bucks."
Playing: Saturday, October 8, at the Lime Spider, Akron.
Why You Should See Them: "You can drink and dance with chicks that also want to drink and dance to boogie music. Not a lot to argue about there." -- Patrick Sweany, guitar/vocals

Band: Audiblethread
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds Like: "Strong and honest rock music. A burst of positively charged molecules exploding all at once."
Fun Fact: "The band is currently recording a concept album titled The Positive of Negative at Conquistador Studios with Cole Martinez from Years of Fire."
Playing: Friday, October 7, at Peabody's (EP-release party).
Why You Should See Them: "Audiblethread offers a different kind of experience. The live show is a very powerful thing for us. It allows us to connect directly to our friends." -- Eric C. Hess, vocals

Band: The Forty Thieves
( fortythieves)
Hometown: Akron
Sounds Like: "Tim Armstrong and Mike Ness banged the same chick and no one is sure who the baby belongs to."
Fun Fact: "Scott the drummer is single and searching. He likes long walks on the beach and Kenny G after midnight."
Playing: Thursday, October 6, at the Outpost, Kent.
Why you should see them: "Because Dropgun and the Pussyfoot Girls are going to be there -- and because you want real proof that jam bands aren't the only live music to see in Kent." -- Brian Donovan, guitar, vocals

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